How Long Should Testosterone Therapy Last?

How Long Should Testosterone Replacement Therapy Last?

More than that…

…how long does it take to work?

You’re suffering from low testosterone.

Weighing up the risks and benefits, you’ve decided treatment is the best course of action.

Only, now you’re curious how long you’ll have to wait till you start feeling like yourself again.

Whether you’re feeling low or just straight-up stressed out, it’s only normal to want to get back on your feet as fast as possible. While it’s impossible to pin down a definitive answer, there’s enough studies, research, and first-hand feedback from past patients available to give you a good idea of how soon you’ll start feeling the effects of testosterone replacement therapy

So, How Soon Will I See Results?

It isn’t uncommon for patients to feel impatient waiting to see results. Days? Weeks? Months? The trouble is, the signs and symptoms of low testosterone vary from patient to patient, as do the treatments and the expected time it will take for results to be seen.

For most men, treatment is a gradual process with no definitive timeframe. With that in mind, you’re most likely to record positive results within the first 3 to 6 months, though a majority of men report an easing of symptoms and a return to health much sooner. Often as little as 3 to 6 weeks.

Based on our experience here at Genesys Men’s Health, we’ve found that certain symptoms respond to treatment quicker than others. It’s not uncommon for your libido and sex drive to return to healthy levels within 3 weeks, while other symptoms such as chronic illness or obesity may take a little longer.

According to patient testimonials and relevant research, general timeframes are:

3 To 6 Weeks

  • Sex drive
  • Depression

12 To 16 Weeks

  • Fat
  • Inflammation
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Muscle Strength

6 To 12 Months

  • Lipids
  • Bones
  • Insulin & Glycemic Control

How Long Am I Likely To Be On Treatment?

The only clear consensus is that there’s really no clear consensus on the length of time you should undergo testosterone replacement treatment, which is why it’s crucial that you talk with your bioidentical hormone doctor and devise a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Generally speaking, testosterone therapy is an ongoing treatment that continues long-term, if not indefinitely. As with most chronic conditions, stopping therapy could see your symptoms returning as testosterone levels once again fall below healthy levels.

This doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Over the course of treatment, your hormone doctor will schedule regular check-ups in order to properly monitor your progress, and adjust this accordingly. These are usually held every 3 months to start, though they may become more spread out over time as signs and symptoms level out, and your health improves.

This is why you’ll find that the ongoing costs of testosterone therapy fall over time.

Low T? It’s About Time You Treated It

Exactly how long it’ll take for symptoms to ease may not be clear, but one thing is: you’ll start seeing results that much faster once you’ve started treatment, rather than not. A few weeks or months? It’s a short time to wait when compared to a lifetime of living with low libido, depression, or chronic fatigue.

If you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of low testosterone and you’re curious as to how long you can expect to wait before you start feeling like, well, you again, contact Genesys Men’s Health and a member of our staff will get in touch to talk you through your options.

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