Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Could Be The Answer

Low testosterone levels are surprisingly common

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Neglecting your body through excess weight, a poor diet, or lack of exercise can exacerbate the natural progressive decline in testosterone levels as you age.

In fact, most men suffer symptoms of low male hormones like testosterone as they enter their late 30s, 40s, and 50s. Yes, that includes those of you from Salt Lake City, Utah, too!

Even so, men of all ages continue to experience a rapid decline in health as testosterone issues go undiagnosed.

Are you one of them? Here are 5 signs your testosterone levels are lower than they should be:
  • You feel a reduced desire for sex.
  • You have noticed a loss of muscle tone.
  • You have a lack of energy and always feel tired.
  • You have difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection.
  • You suffer from decreased stamina, endurance, or drive.
  • You suffer from a lack of drive and motivation that affects your productivity.
Do YOU have low testosterone?

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Watch these inspiring videos, in which some of our patients share how their lives have been transformed by testosterone replacement. These are just some of 100’s of patients who we have helped to regain their health and vitality through all-natural hormones.

“Jeff Pollock and his staff are amazing and help through every phase. I’m so happy I made that first contact. My health has been so much better ever since.”
– Stewart C., Salt Lake City

“Jeff is amazing. He definitely knows his stuff. Highly recommended!”
– Chase Hoskins, Salt Lake City

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We use bioidentical testosterone

Here at Genesys Men’s Health Institute our doctors use only 100% natural hormones – nothing artificial – which they match, identically, with the testosterone that your body produces naturally. This helps to reduce the risks and hazards commonly associated with hormone treatments.

Before undergoing treatment, we evaluate your individual needs and interests before selecting the best method of treatment. This is either administered through bioidentical creams you rub on your skin or via injectable testosterone. Following your initial appointment at our office, we will teach you how to either inject yourself, or apply your own cream.

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What is a “normal” testosterone level?

Finding a consensus on what constitutes a ‘low testosterone level’ remains tricky. Healthcare experts remain split on the topic. That there’s also a large difference between a ‘normal’ and ‘optimal’ testosterone level further complicates the issue.

You see, once the aging process starts in earnest, your testosterone levels start to decline. With life expectancy on the rise, more and more men like you will be living longer, which means the signs and symptoms of low testosterone will be that much more severe.

Normal testosterone levels for a 60-year-old man, for example, range anywhere from 5 to 25. In this case, many other doctors would regard 25 as an optimal level for your age, and send you on your way. That’s because traditional medicine doesn’t acknowledge testosterone deficiency until numbers are quite low, due to extremely wide reference ranges which are treated very modestly.

Traditionally a Free Testosterone lab value of 40 in a 60-year-old would be interpreted as being too high. At Genesys Men’s Health Institute we believe the optimal level is between 30 to 40 irrespective of your age, based on men between 22 to 25. This is always our goal.

Studies show having an optimal level of testosterone reduces your risk of heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Contact us to discuss your options

If you are considering testosterone replacement, contact our clinic to discuss the options. We can help you restore hormone levels with hormone therapy to an optimal point that reduces or eliminates symptoms and improves your quality of life without causing significant side effects.

P.S. In addition to testosterone replacement, we also specialize in thyroid treatment and balancing the other hormones in the body to better achieve optimal health.

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