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We Specialize in Difficult Cases That Others Have Given Up On

At Genesys Men’s Health, we offer an up-to-date and aggressive approach to testosterone replacement therapy for men of all ages.

Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C and the team provide individualized treatments directed towards resolving your symptoms. Where traditional medicine wouldn’t act until your levels were quite low, we believe the optimal level is closer to that of men between 22 to 25, and treat accordingly.

Just as your needs are unique to you, so too is your treatment. We specialize in difficult cases that others would give up on, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and thyroid relief, individualising our hormone therapies to target your specific needs and resolve your symptoms.

Men can expect to regain energy, mental clarity, drive, emotional stability, sex drive, physical stamina / endurance as well as improved muscle strength and lean muscle mass.

Testosterone and Your Health

After your late 20s, testosterone starts to decline and continues to decline for the rest of your life. This makes it difficult to lose – and easier to gain – weight. Energy, mental clarity, drive, stamina, physical strength, vigor, and vitality also declines, leaving you more susceptible to injury, poor health, and a diminished quality of life.

We take an aggressive approach to bio-identical hormones, in which we aim to get your testosterone to levels like they were at around 20 to 22 years of age. This allows your body and metabolism to function like it did at that age.

In addition to testosterone replacement, we also specialize in thyroid treatment and balancing the other hormones in the body to better achieve optimal health.

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