How Severe Is Your Erectile Dysfunction? Take Our ED Self-Test

How Severe Is Your Erectile Dysfunction? Take Our ED Self-Test

Take our ED Self-Test to find out exactly what your erectile dysfunction symptoms are and find ways to move forward and get the help you need.

If you have Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED for short, you may have wondered where you lie on a scale from minimal to severe in symptom severity. Our compassionate team of experts at Genesys Men’s Health is here to help. 

Erectile Dysfunction Explained

Erectile Dysfunction is characterized by not being able to get or sustain an erection that stimulates intercourse. Sometimes, symptoms of ED can manifest themselves when an individual is under increased amounts of stress. If the symptoms are occurring more frequently, you may need to see a specialist to find out how to get you the help you need. Generally, if you are living with symptoms for six months or longer, it is considered Erectile Dysfunction.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Start?

ED usually is not common until a man’s age range is from 20-70. Aging is a risk factor for this disorder, which is why you tend to see more characteristics or symptoms manifesting as you get older. Even though this is the case, you can still have Erectile Dysfunction and be younger than 30 while still experiencing symptoms.

What Factors Cause ED?

There are a slew of causes of Erectile Dysfunction, and they are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • High-blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Depression 
  • Relationship troubles
  • Stress
  • Prescription medications
  • Drug use
  • Alcohol use
  • Sleep issues
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Injury or scar tissue to the private penis area

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms but still aren’t sure, taking an ED Self-Test can give you a better idea of where you stand.

What Are The Common Symptoms of ED?

If you find that you are having trouble getting an erection, see an increase in a lack of sex drive, or have trouble keeping an erection, you might have this disorder. 

At What Age Should I Get Screened for ED?

Males between the ages of 20-70 and above can suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Depending on your situation and if you feel you are experiencing symptoms, you can determine if getting screened is in your best interest. Talk to your doctor about what you are dealing with and they can get you started on the path to feeling like yourself again.

What Can I Do Now to Offset or Prevent ED?

No matter what your age, taking care of your body will always yield positive results. If you are older and do not opt to exercise regularly, start adding in some light to moderate exercise daily. This can look like taking a 30 minute walk every day. Something so simple can actually lead to a 41% decrease in risk of ED. 

Participating in yoga can also have positive effects on ED. Yoga is a calming practice that improves blood flow to every area of the body, and that does include the penis. Not only does it provide physical benefits like increased blood flow, the calming effect it has on the mind is considered a large benefit for mental health as well. Aside from moving your body, you can also consider your diet and what you eat in a day. Take a mental inventory of the main foods you eat. Here are a few questions you can use to get you started thinking about how to turn your diet around to positively shift your chances of getting or experiencing ED.

  1. Are the foods you eat mostly packaged?
  2. Are the foods you eat high in sodium?
  3. Do you drink less than  ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day?
  4. Is your sugar intake more than 26 G per day? If so- how much?
  5. Do you eat a nutrient lacking breakfast?
  6. Is your diet filled lacking colorful fruits and vegetables?
  7. Do you feel depleted in energy from what you eat?
  8. Are you eating high fat at each meal?
  9. Do you eat when you are bored or wait until you are hungry?
  10. Does someone else grocery shop for you?

If you answered YES to more than 3 of the above questions, you know you need to start today and work on drastically changing your relationship with food as soon as possible. Eating a balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a great place to start if you are overwhelmed on what to do first. Eat for fuel and see how well your body responds. Make sure to drink enough water and fill your plate with veggies. Staying at a personal healthy weight will be a key factor in aiding you in combatting the effects or symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. Everyone has a body that is different and unique to them. One man’s weight at 165 pounds might be a healthy normal for him, while others could be 180 pounds. There is no cookie cutter weight to shoot for in this journey, but more specifically to find your healthy balance and take care of your body there.

What Happens If I Think I have ED?

If you think you have ED, don’t fret. There are many men across the globe who are experiencing this disorder and who are getting help and seeing results. The first step for you to take is to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. You will be asked a series of questions about what you are noticing in changes as well as some personal history questions regarding your sexual relationships, and most likely be asked to complete a physical exam. Your doctor might order some blood work to further the process along as well.

What Are the Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction?

There are a few treatment options available for those individuals dealing with ED.

Therapy & Counseling

This form of treatment is one that is less common. A lot of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction can be mental or psychological in nature. By seeing a therapist, you can start to determine the root causes of the disorder. When you can freely discuss your issues, a lot of healing can take place and oftentimes it takes place in decrease of symptoms of ED.

Pelvic Exercises

You may have heard the term “Kegel Exercises.” This is referring to exercises or movements that strengthen the pelvic muscles. You can start by tightening the pelvic muscles for 5 second increments and then relaxing. Do this 10-20 times, 2-3 times per day. One way that is a sure way to know if you are using the correct muscles in this exercise is to practice. When you go to the bathroom to urinate, try to stop the stream of urine before you are finished. The muscles you use to accomplish this task are the same muscles that you need to work building strength in.


There are many benefits of Acupuncture, and decrease in symptoms of ED is also on the list. This form of treatment improves blood flow and regulates nerve sensitivity.

Radial Wave Therapy

Radial Wave Therapy is also referred to as Energy Wave Therapy. This is a non-invasive therapy that is gentle and does not require a long visit. This form of therapy uses sound waves as treatment. The sound waves stimulate blood flow through the penis. Your doctor or specialist will use a Radial Wave Wand that will emit low intensity energy sound waves as it is moved over the shaft of the penis. Using the wand they will pause over 5 points of contact on the penis, delivering the sound waves. The sound waves pass through the skin and into the tissue to promote blood vessel growth which will increase erectile increase. This treatment modality is done over a period of 6 weeks at 6 treatment appointments. Each treatment appointment usually lasts around 20 minutes.

Focused Shock Wave Therapy

Focused Shock Wave Therapy is yet another treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction.This specific modality is used for men who suffer from the effects of Vasculogenic ED, which affects blood flow through the penis. Shock Wave Therapy uses high-energy sound waves that boost cell growth and enhance tissue repair. When you have this procedure done in office, your doctor will use a wand shaped device and place it over different areas of the penis at 15 minute increments each. While doing so, the wand emits small pulsing vibrations that trigger blood flow and boost tissue remodeling. There is not a set scheduled treatment plan for using Shock Wave Therapy, although the most common treatment plans involve going twice a week for a time frame of three weeks. This schedule is then followed by a break in treatments for 3 weeks and then starting back to the original scheduled treatments again.

Visit Genesys Men’s Health For Help with Your Erectile Dysfunction

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