The Ultimate Gym Routine for Men in 2021

The Ultimate Gym Routine for Men in 2021

It’s 2021, and if you don’t have an exercise routine in play by now, it’s time to lock this ultimate gym routine down. 

This year, things are starting to feel more normal, and we are able to get back into our regular day-to-day schedule. This means gyms have regular hours, and mask mandates are being lifted. Take our ultimate gym routine and make it your own this year as you step back into your gym or workout from home.

How to Get Started

Think about your goals and ask yourself this series of questions:

  • Is my main goal this year to lose weight?
  • Is my main goal this year to gain muscle?
  • Is my main goal this year to feel good in my skin?
  • Is my main goal this year to train for an event or competition?
  • Is my main goal this year to build my endurance?
  • Is my main goal this year to improve my health and fitness?

Depending on how you answer these questions, you can find out your reason for starting your ultimate gym routine. Those individuals who start working out, but lack personal drive, reason, or a why tend to fall off the wagon and not get back on. Motivation is not inherent—it is a choice every single day. Your goal has to be important enough to you and specific enough for you to reach to make the changes everyday. There are going to be times when you have had a long day at work and you forgot to do your workout, but you just want to go home and pop a tv dinner in the microwave and rest on the couch. Those are the days you will especially benefit from keeping this commitment to yourself and gain mental and physical toughness as well as grit and self-confidence.

What to Consider

Consider your daily life, your interactions, your job, your hobbies, interests, and friends. Taking on a goal to put your health first does not come lightly. Here are a few tips that will be valuable to consider while you get started.

  1. Evaluate your daily schedule. When can you fit in a 30-minute workout each day? 
  2. Do you have a friend that can be your accountability partner?
  3. Identify problem areas or things you anticipate could get in your way. What are they?
  4. Are there any injuries you need to get treatment for before beginning?
  5. Is what you desire to do attainable and sustainable for you?

Don’t Stop There

Working out in a consistent workout routine while not changing your diet is like riding a bike backwards trying to get up a mountain. You are not going to get there as fast unless you adjust some factors. This step does not have to be huge and or drastic. If you know you don’t have a good diet filled with nutrient-dense foods, you have a lot of areas you can begin. Pick something that is attainable for you and would be an easy first step in making a positive change. This could look like buying a water bottle and drinking water during the day instead of reaching for your normal 2-3 cans of Dr. Pepper. Or, this could look like eating a solid breakfast before going into work instead of grabbing a pop tart from the vending machine on your first break. 

Little tweaks here and there at a comfortable pace will lead to a big change over time. Once you have practiced this change or new habit for 2-3 weeks, consider it a lifestyle change and move on to the next positive change you can make with what you eat. A rule of thumb you can remember is the 80/20 concept. 80% of the time you fuel your body with food that is nutrient-dense and provides you the calories and nourishment your body needs. 20% of the time you enjoy your favorite snacks, treats, and desserts. Balance is key.

 Some other areas you could explore in improving could be:

  1. Fitting in veggies with every lunch this week.
  2. Swapping a packaged snack for a whole food snack, like an apple and almond butter or pita bread and hummus.
  3. Utilizing food items like protein bars and protein shakes as snacks instead of high-fat and fast snack options, like a Twix bar or jelly donut.
  4. Eating until you’re 80% full at each meal.
  5. Sitting down while you eat your meals instead of eating on the run.
  6. Planning out your dinners for the week and prepping them ahead of time.
  7. Emphasizing your protein by including it in each meal.
  8. Enjoying your favorite treat (yes, you can still do this and be successful).
  9. Filling your pantry with healthier snack options.
  10. Eating when you are hungry.

Warm Up

Never underestimate the power of a good warm up. Warming up is essential to succeeding in your workout. You can workout harder and with more endurance when your body is warmed up and equipped for exercise. Increased blood flow and warm muscles are key for a successful workout routine. You also have an increased chance of injury when you jump into your workout without warming up and stretching your body first. Once you are injured, you will spend more time rehabbing your injury and taking it easy while you wait to get back to the gym. You might as well put the time in to warm up each session before you exercise so that you can save the injury time you might face down the road. An easy warm up example you can do for a cardio day is:

Jumping jacks 30 seconds

High-knees 30 seconds

Burpees 30 seconds

Push-Ups 30 seconds

Repeat for 5 rounds.

Cool Down

Cooling down has the same power that a solid warm up can give you, but in reverse. Think about it this way: you put your body through an intense 30-45 minute workout. By the time you are done you are out of breath, your face is red, and your lungs are on fire. Not to mention you feel like you are actually going to throw up. Now imagine you just re-rack your equipment and hop back in your car to go to the store on your way home, still trying to catch your breath. How miserable does this sound? Not just the fact that you are running from one place to another without slowing down, but that your body is still trying to cool down and get your heart rate back to baseline, cool off, and reach homeostasis; you aren’t cooperating to let it do that properly. 

Stop. Sit down. Get a drink. Catch your breath. Stretch and mobilize your sore muscles and give them a head start in recovery and prevention of injury. Remember to breathe, and slow down your body systems to relax. You will have less soreness and stiff muscles when you consistently stretch and mobilize after your workouts every day. Here is an easy cool down example you can do for a heavy leg day:

Hip flexor stretch 20 seconds

Hip rotators 20 seconds

Slow inchworm 20 seconds

Glute stretch 20 seconds

Repeat 2 rounds.

Ultimate Gym Routines: Intermediate Level

  1. Warm up of choice 10-15 min

Weighted walking lunges 20

Weighted squat pulse 20

Jump squats 20

Speed Skaters 20

  • 5 Burpees

Repeat 5 times through.

Cool down of choice: 10-15 min.

  1. Warm up of choice: 10-15 min

30 seconds each of each weighted exercise:

           Overhead press 

           Pike push up

           Tricep extension

           Bicep Curl


           Lateral Raise

Repeat 3-5 times through.

Cooldown of choice: 10-15 min.

Your Biggest Factor to Successful Goal Setting

You can set all the goals in the world for yourself, but if you do not work at them every day, you will not see the results you desire. Writing your intentions down on paper is one thing; it’s another thing to put those intentions to action and sit down and make a plan for yourself. Remember one word as you push forward each day — and that is CONSISTENCY. Consistency is the framework for getting where you want to go. Work hard for what you want and take it one day at a time. Make a commitment to yourself and keep it. An amazing workout plan, complete with meal guides and a nutrition coach will do nothing if you do not put the work in every single day. Use being consistent as your super power, and you will launch your results to what you have not seen before. 

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