Ten Exercises For Men To Get You In Shape

Ten Exercises For Men To Get You In Shape

It is that time of year. The end of the year-  in just a few short weeks, millions of people will set new goals for the new year. We have you covered if you are a man and are looking for some physical goals for 2022.

Here are ten exercises for men to get you in shape in the new year. Stay tuned.

 A Brief Introduction

The most popular goals set for 2022 will have to do with physique and self-care. They are not bad goals either; taking care of your body will never be a bad idea. How you take care of your body dramatically impacts the kind of future you will have. Many diseases and ailments you could develop in life are affected by how you care for and treat your body. 

Some of these can include but are not limited to; diabetes, cardiovascular disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, low testosterone, and so on. The habits you have now will be carried with you for the rest of your life. Are they good ones?

A Note On Cardio & Strength Training

When first starting your physical fitness journey or taking care of your physical health in general, it might seem difficult. This is no secret; any new change or new start will take some getting used to. One thing that will keep you successful is consistency. 

Whatever you choose to do for your physical activity, be consistent. Small habits and acts day in and day out will yield significant results over time. There will be days when you fall off the wagon and probably feel like not getting back on. Ever. Just know that it happens to everyone, and that does not mean you have withdrawn all your progress. It means for a day or so you rested, and now it’s time to get back to work. 

Your tool to be consistent when trying to get in shape will be to plan ahead. Planning your schedule ahead of time allows you to find the best pockets of time where you can get a workout in. Most individuals work full time, have a family or close-knit social group, and volunteer or have hobbies on the side. That is a lot on your plate and can make it hard to find time to care for yourself. 

By scheduling it out ahead of time, you take out the busy work for yourself each week so you can just get dressed and go. Most individuals find the best times to exercise are early before going to work, on their lunch break, or after work on their way home. Whatever you choose, you already plan and commit yourself so that it is set in stone.


 When programming cardio into your workouts for the week, there are some guidelines you can follow. The American Heart Association (AHA) advises getting 150-300 minutes each week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. If you are a beginner, starting with 150 minutes or less each week will be an excellent place for you to start. This equals out to a 30-minute workout for five days every week.

You can choose what those days are, however you would like to arrange them. If you consider yourself more advanced, aiming for 300 minutes will be a good challenge. This would amount to a 60-minute workout for five days of the week. Again, you can choose which days to include and have two rest days incorporated strategically. 

In addition, it is encouraged to include at least three days of vigorous-intensity type exercises to get your blood pumping. Here are a few short cardio workouts you can sprinkle into your regime next year with exercises for men to get you in tip-top shape. If you need to start gradually and are not familiar with a consistent workout regime just yet, here are a few moderate-intensity movements you can try first to get you acquainted with getting your body moving regularly:

  1. Brisk walking
  2. Gardening
  3. Tennis
  4. Biking
  5. Swimming

If you are not a stranger to the gym and or have been working out for a while, here are two workouts to add to your programming each week. Remember to warm up for at least 15 minutes before your workout and cool down after, as well.

-Workout #1-

Run 1 Lap

10 burpees

10 long jumps

10 butt kickers

(Repeat 3X)

-Workout #2-

20 Irish pickups

30 star jumps

Row 30 seconds

(Repeat 5X)

Strength Training

The AHA also recommends including two days of strength training in your week. Strength training has numerous benefits to the human body. Not only does it help you build your muscles and make them stronger, but it also aids in bone strength as well. When you have strong bones, you are less likely to have an injury as you get older and or disorders such as bone loss due to Osteoporosis. If you are new to strength training, here are a few movements you can familiarize yourself with:

With Weights

  1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Bicep curls are a tremendous weighted exercise to start with for beginners. It’s an easy movement that works major arm muscles and fatigues quickly.

  1. Dumbbell Chest Press

If you want to build your chest and triceps, the chest press is a great way to go.

  1. Weighted Squat

Squats are a fantastic exercise movement alone, and if you add weight, you make it even better. One nice thing about a weighted squat is that it is fairly easy to perform with the proper guidance. These are great lower body movements that target many muscles in the process.

  1. Weighted Lunge

Like the weighted squat, a weighted lunge is also reasonably simple to learn how to do. A benefit from performing lunges is also strengthening your balance. There is not just one type of lunge, there are several different ways to do a lunge, and each one can target other muscle groups. 

  1. Overhead Press

This great movement will help you build strength and girth in your triceps and shoulders. 

Without Weights

  1. Wall sit

So you don’t need weights, but you do need to sit up against a wall. Sounds easy, right? Think again. This exercise is probably the one that is the most deceiving and will have you cringing within seconds. Talk about mental toughness!

  1. Push-up

The great thing about push-ups is all you need is you. You can do them anywhere you go, and you need zero equipment. push-ups work your entire body, and you can mod up or down depending on how challenging you want it to become.

  1. Jump Squat

If you want a good movement that will target 90% of your lower body, it will be a squat. And

jump squats are not different. These add a little extra movement with the jump and get your heart beating a little heavier. 

  1. Plank Hold

A plank hold is also a movement that you can very easily mod up for a challenge or mod down for a little more ease. This is an exercise that can target nearly every muscle in your body. Especially in your core, you will find that all of your muscles will be burning fast. 

  1. Pull-Up

There are different variations of pull-ups, but for this article, let’s use a strict pull-up as an example. The relentless pull-up is an exercise that can take a lot of practice to be able to accomplish. That does not mean that if you can’t do a single strict pull-up that you can’t do one at all. Using assistance bands, you can practice pulling-ups and slowly decreasing your band strength over time. Pretty soon, you will be doing these independently in no time.

Here are two workouts you can do to add some strength training to your weekly movement.

Don’t forget to add a warm-up before you begin your program and a cool-down to finish.

-Workout #1-

30 seconds dumbbell chest press

10 second rest

30 second weighted wall sit

10 second rest

30 seconds overhead press

10 second rest

*Repeat for ten rounds.

-Workout #2-

20 push-ups

20 jump squats

20 pull-ups

20 second plank hold

20 sumo squats

*Repeat 3 Rounds

A Side Note

You can exercise hours each week, but if you are not being intentional with what you eat during the day, you will not see the best results for yourself. Getting in shape is twofold. It does include physical movement and exercising regularly. But it also includes feeding your body nutritious and nutrient-dense foods that will fuel your life and give you energy. 

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