Are There Any Side Effects?

You don’t need to endure adverse side effects…

…or spend prolonged periods in recovery.

You’ve heard about GAINSWave therapy.

You like that it’s natural and doesn’t cost the earth, but you’re concerned about side effects.

Though most treatment options these days come with a laundry list of warning labels, GAINSWave therapy is able to effectively treat your sexual performance issues free from side effects and drawn-out recovery times.

So, what are the side effects?

Men who have undergone the low-intensity sound wave therapy of GAINSWave have so far reported no pain or adverse symptoms post-treatment, stating that they were able to perform at their best sooner than they expected.

Studies and reports also continue to highlight GAINSWave as the more effective, cost-efficient treatment for a range of common sexual performance issues including erectile dysfunction as well as Peyronie’s disease.

Meanwhile, oral medications, surgical treatments, and injectables carry adverse side effects…

What are the risks associated with other treatments?

Oral Medications

Oral erectile dysfunction medications such as Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and Avanafil work internally to provide temporary relief from symptoms, however when combined with other prescription medications can lead to severe and possibly life-threatening side-effects.

Combining prescription medications for things like chest pain or pulmonary hypertension with erectile dysfunction pills, for example, can cause sudden drops in blood pressure. On the lower side of the scale, oral medications can also cause headaches, an upset stomach, and flushes.


All surgeries carry risks which can have a long-lasting effect on the body. Most men experience pain, discomfort, swelling, and / or bruising for one to two weeks post-surgery. Patients are also required to limit physical activity for around a month after their operation to ensure a satisfactory recovery.

As surgery is an invasive procedure, there is also a risk of infection, bleeding, or reactions to the anesthesia which may result in a prolonged recovery period as well as long-lasting discomfort.

Injectables and Suppositories

Injectables and suppositories are also used to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

These treatments also come with potential side effects, the most common of which is priapism (prolonged erections). Priapism requires a second injection in order to reverse the effects and relieve the pain, otherwise it may result in permanent penile damage.

Injections may also lead to bleeding and long-term scarring.

Treat your ED without the side effects

Restoring your ability to perform at your best doesn’t have to involve battling your way through a range of side effects and adverse reactions. GAINSWave therapy provides cost-effective, proven results that you’ll start to feel in as little as one session.

If you’d like to find out more about GAINSWave therapy and explore your options, contact Genesys Men’s Health today and a friendly member of our staff will get in touch to talk you through everything you need to know.

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