Erectile Dysfunction: What It Is And What To Do About It

Erectile Dysfunction is a prevalent disorder among men over the age of 40. What is Erectile Dysfunction, and what can you do about it? We are bringing you all the information you need so you know what to look for and how you can manage it once diagnosed. It’s all being shared here, so don’t … Read more

What To Do About Your Low Testosterone

Every male on earth has testosterone pumping through their veins, and at some point or another, they may be dealing with low testosterone. If you see yourself in this category, it is not the end all be all for your sex life. We are here to tell you all about low testosterone, how it can … Read more

Ten Exercises For Men To Get You In Shape

It is that time of year. The end of the year-  in just a few short weeks, millions of people will set new goals for the new year. We have you covered if you are a man and are looking for some physical goals for 2022. Here are ten exercises for men to get you … Read more

Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause Pain?

Maybe you live with Erectile Dysfunction and are rightly acquainted with the day-to-day of living with this disorder. Perhaps you might not have this condition, and you’re curious when you hear about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as to what living with the disorder feels like. If Erectile Dysfunction can cause pain, what symptoms are considered normal, … Read more

The Age Erectile Dysfunction Usually Starts

Men around the globe live with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) daily. This condition is common and more prevalent than one might think.  The demographics and information on Erectile Dysfunction have primarily been the topic of many studies worldwide to find out all about this disorder. So when does ED start? We are talking about it all … Read more

Signs Your Erectile Dysfunction Is Getting Worse

If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, there are signs and symptoms of acquiring the disorder. There are ways to know if your Erectile Dysfunction is getting worse.  You may not recognize the little things you do day in and day out can affect your symptoms.  44 % of men can trace their Erectile Dysfunction back … Read more

Warning Signs You Are Developing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is a condition that is common among men ages 40 and above. If you are a male and are researching this, taking the time to analyze your habits, lifestyle, and body symptoms can be a great step in the right direction in finding answers for your health. Even if you do not currently … Read more

Learn About the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

If you are wondering if the sexual health symptoms you are experiencing are concerning, here is information on the causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Some causes may come as a surprise, and some might be warranted. Either way, we hope you find answers and peace in your journey with ED. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction 1. Smoking … Read more

Will My Erectile Dysfunction Get Worse?

If you are one of the millions of men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, you have wondered at some point if your symptoms will get worse. We are telling you all about Erectile Dysfunction, what it is, and if your chances of it getting worse are high or low. Stay tuned. What Is Erectile Dysfunction? … Read more

Warning Signs You Are Developing Erectile Dysfunction

For some men, Erectile Dysfunction is not something they experience in their lifetime. For others, they may develop it between their 20s and 70s. It can be different for everyone. Here is what you need to know and the warning signs to look for so that you can be proactive about your sexual health. Erectile … Read more

Lifestyle Changes Every Man Should Make Today

To all the men reading this article, there are still lifestyle changes you can make to better your life today.  Age does not matter, old or young—it is never too late to start making healthier changes for yourself. We are sharing our advice on getting you started. Take a look. Clean up Your Diet There … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction Can Impact Your Sex life. Here’s How.

If you find yourself dealing with symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), you know that it can have effects on many different aspects of your life.  One of the areas it can impact the most is your sex life with your significant other. We know there are many challenges that are faced when dealing with ED, … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction: Why Men Shouldn’t Ignore It

Have you ever ignored a health problem, hoping it would go away? Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t do that with Erectile Dysfunction. What Is Erectile Dysfunction? ED is when it is difficult to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for sex. During sexual arousal, nerves release chemicals that increase blood … Read more

Here’s Why We Need to Focus on Men’s Mental Health

Mental, emotional, and physical health are intertwined. Here’s why men’s mental health is important and how you can care for it.  Why Is It So Important? Nearly 1 in 10 men report experiencing anxiety or depression. However, due to societal pressures, many men do not report their experiences with mental health struggles. Also, less than … Read more

Top Health Tips for Men Over 30

As you enter your 30’s, life starts to get pretty busy, and taking some time to consider quality health tips can make a big difference for you. We get it—you have a very full plate. Between work, time with family, possibly some young kids running around, your 30’s can be overwhelming. Incredible, but overwhelming. Your … Read more

Top 10 Testosterone Boosting Foods in 2021

If you are a male who suffers from low Testosterone, you may not know there are Testosterone boosting foods you can include in your diet. These can help you increase your Testosterone stores. If you already know them, you are well on your way to feeling like yourself again! If not, we are discussing them … Read more

Why It’s Important for Men to Take Care of Themselves

There are many reasons why it is of great importance for men to take care of themselves, especially in this day and age.  This includes physical health, mental health, and emotional health. We are diving into it all here, discussing all things men and health so that you have the tools you need to have … Read more

Will My Erectile Dysfunction Last Forever?

If you are new to the diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction, you might wonder if it will last forever. It can seem overwhelming at times.  We know that it can be a life adjustment, and we want to bring you all the information and tools we have here. If this sounds like something that might help … Read more

Why It’s Hard To Build Muscle With Low Testosterone Levels

If you are a male and find it hard to build muscle, low testosterone levels may be causing your struggles.  Here we are discussing Low Testosterone levels and what makes it hard to build muscle. Stay tuned. Factors That Affect Muscle Growth As you may suspect, exercise plays a large portion in muscle growth. When … Read more

A Breakdown of Testosterone Levels by Age

Our bodies are amazing machines, and all men should learn about their testosterone levels as they continue to age.  We have all kinds of hormones that enable us to function and survive at our highest capacity. Testosterone is one of those hormones, and men and women alike need it to survive. At what age do … Read more

8 Effects of Testosterone on a Man’s Body

In today’s blog, we’ll cover the eight effects of Testosterone, and how they impact every male alive on the globe.  Testosterone is the king of hormones, and has many roles in the human body. Without it, human beings’ survival would be at risk. Testosterone Testosterone Is a hormone produced by the male Testes. It is … Read more

What Every Man Should Focus On After Age 50

Aging is inevitable, and turning 50 is a huge milestone in a man’s life, but you might wonder how your priorities will change after age 50. Let’s face it, being a man comes with its perks. Optimum muscle growth, extra height, ability to grow magnificent beards and facial hair, and spending time with your guy … Read more

A Complete FAQ Guide on Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can seem daunting when first trying to navigate all the information on the internet.  We put together this complete FAQ guide to help you in your journey to finding the facts about ED that can help you take your next best step on the road to finding answers. Erectile Dysfunction This disorder is … Read more

How Severe Is Your Erectile Dysfunction? Take Our ED Self Test

We are sharing resources all about ED, how to take our ED Self Test, and how you can find out about your condition and get the help you need. Erectile Dysfunction is a common disorder among men. More than 18 million men in the United States suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. If you are experiencing symptoms … Read more

Is My Erectile Dysfunction Permanent?

If you are a male and have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), there might be a lot of information you don’t know about your condition.    We are sharing all the facts on Erectile Dysfunction here, including what it is, if it is a permanent disorder, and steps you can take to improve your … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction General: Here is What Every Man Must Know

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is more common than you think, and if you are dealing with this condition, there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Affecting men all over the globe, it is not unfamiliar to see the signs or symptoms of this disorder as you age. Here is what every man must know—the ins and … Read more

The Ultimate Gym Routine for Men in 2021

It’s 2021, and if you don’t have an exercise routine in play by now, it’s time to lock this ultimate gym routine down.  This year, things are starting to feel more normal, and we are able to get back into our regular day-to-day schedule. This means gyms have regular hours, and mask mandates are being … Read more

The 10 Best Superfoods Every Man Should Eat

The 10 Best Superfoods Every Man Should Eat Eating and maintaining a healthy diet is key to taking care of your body, so it’s essential to incorporate the best superfoods into your diet.  We spend most of our time running from point A to point B. that we don’t fully take the time and energy … Read more

What Are “Normal” Testosterone Levels?

What Are “Normal” Testosterone Levels? Male or female, chances are, you have heard of Testosterone levels at some point in your lifetime, especially as you’ve gotten older.  Terms such as The King of male hormones, The hormone responsible for deep voices and big muscles, or even The Juice or the Test. However you spin it, … Read more

5 Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

There is a lot of information circulating on the internet, and it can be hard to find the true facts about Erectile Dysfunction.  If you suffer from ED, we are exposing the 5 most common myths about Erectile Dysfunction we see and providing you with all the details, information, and truth. Stay tuned. What Is … Read more

How Severe Is Your Erectile Dysfunction? Take Our ED Self-Test

Take our ED Self-Test to find out exactly what your erectile dysfunction symptoms are and find ways to move forward and get the help you need. If you have Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED for short, you may have wondered where you lie on a scale from minimal to severe in symptom severity. Our … Read more

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for Me?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be an option for men who need to recover from side effects related to decreased Testosterone or “Low T.” Also termed “Hypogonadism,” this deficiency is more common than you think. There is a lot to know about Testosterone, how it is made, why we need it, and what can go wrong … Read more

3 Muscle Building Workouts for Older Men

As you age, the importance of getting enough exercise every day increases, and muscle building workouts become crucial.  This is not only because your body needs the benefits of staying active, but also because as you get older, you get busier—which usually means taking care of your body becomes less of a priority. Here are … Read more

Testosterone Information: What It is and How Does It Affect Men?

Treatment for low testosterone can be Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Your doctor will prescribe you a topical gel to apply to your penis daily that will start to relieve the symptoms of low testosterone. The other treatment option you have to choose from is an injection. This will be done in office first, and then you … Read more

These 6 Foods May Be Lowering Your Testosterone Levels

When you think of your testosterone levels, your first thoughts might not be related to what you eat.  Your first thoughts might be directed to big muscles, hairy faces, and deep voices. Although these are attributed to testosterone production, food intake is also correlated. Surprisingly enough, certain foods you eat may be contributing to your … Read more

Top 15 Health Goals Every Man Should Have In 2021

January has come and gone, and you are either in the beginning of your new year’s health goals or have waved goodbye a long time ago. No matter what category you fall into, setting and keeping health goals for yourself is not only important for your physical health, but also your mental health. Here are … Read more

Here’s What Men Over 40 Must Know About Their Health

Men over 40 might not only start experiencing changes in how they look, but also in their energy and how they feel. If you are 40 years old or over, chances are your health priorities have changed over the last decade. Here is what you need to know if you find yourself in this category, … Read more

Radial Wave Therapy vs. Shockwave Therapy: Which is Best for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), you are not alone because it’s actually quite common. Fifty-two percent of men worldwide experience some level of symptoms associated with ED. We are discussing what Erectile Dysfunction is and different methods of therapy here, including the facts about Radial Wave Therapy vs. Focused Shockwave Therapy for … Read more

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