5 Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

5 Most Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

There is a lot of information circulating on the internet, and it can be hard to find the true facts about Erectile Dysfunction. 

If you suffer from ED, we are exposing the 5 most common myths about Erectile Dysfunction we see and providing you with all the details, information, and truth. Stay tuned.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder of the penis that can develop in men around the world. 18 million American men suffer from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. ED can be characterized by the inability to get and keep an erection that allows sexual intercourese, and is generally seen more in men over 40, but can occur sooner. There are other characteristics of ED which are low sexual libido, and decreased energy to name a few. There are a series of things that can be the cause of ED that are known. They are as follows: 

  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Drug use
  • Low testosterone
  • Kidney disease
  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stress
  • Using tobacco products
  • and more

ED can be caused by one single symptom and not all the symptoms listed grouped together. Below is a list of the most common myths about Erectile Dysfunction. 

  • Only Older Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

Although ED is more prevalent in older men, it does occur in men that are younger in age. It is also not uncommon to have inability to form erections in your lifetime. It is only considered to be medically concerning if it is happening at least 50% or more of the time you are trying to have sexual intercourse. 

By the age of 50, 33% of men will have Erectile Dysfunction. If you find that you are experiencing the inability to keep an erection, low sexual libido or decreased interest in sex, fatigue, or other unusual symptoms related to your sexual health, call your doctor for an appointment and check up.

  • Your Sex Life Changes Forever Once You Have Erectile Dysfunction

Developing Erectile Dysfunction can seem daunting and overwhelming to say the least. It can have many effects on your mental state, as well as your personal body, and romantic relationship. With all of that said, it doesnt have to be the end of your sex life. With proper knowledge, key communication with your significant other, and treatments from our experts if needed, you can still live a happy life and be fulfilled in the bedroom.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Only Affects Erections

Yes, ED can affect your ability to form and keep an erection, but that is not all. Your sexual desire or libido, will also drastically change as a symptom of this disorder. This is yet another myth about Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Erectile Dysfunction Is a Disorder Brought on By Aging Alone

This may be hard to hear for some, but you do not have to be over the age of 50 to experience symptoms of this disorder.  ED can affect men ages 30 and above. It is less common however, the younger you are, but it is not uncommon to experience at young ages. There are a myriad of other risk factors that can cause Erectile Dysfunction, they are as follows:

  • Diabetes
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Injuries to the pelvic area and or penis
  • Radiation treatments from cancer
  • Being overweight
  • Consuming large amounts of alcohol
  • Drug use
  • Heart conditions
  • Taking some medications.
  • You Can’t Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Onset

Taking care of your body and mind is going to be the #1 way that you can prevent ED. Take a look at your hobbies and lifestyle with this series of questions below. 

Are you suffering from low energy?

Do you get less than 6-7 hours of sleep per night?

What is your stress level from 0-10?

Do you drink enough water?

Do you eat mostly fast food?

Do you eat vegetables at each meal?

How are your snacking habits? Do you eat mostly packaged foods?

Who does your grocery shopping?

Do you make time for self care?

Do you see a therapist?

Do you suffer from any underlying health issues that need resolved?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you have a social group or close friendships?

Do you work full time?

Are you in a relationship?

If so, is your relationship healthy?

Mentally answering these questions will get your mind moving on where you sit with your overall wellness. Looking at those questions, where do you think you could start to improve?

Changing your lifestyle is not a black and white, shotgun decision, or approach. The best success starts out by building on small habits and changing over a span of time. This could look like getting an accountability partner and going to the gym together 3 times each week for at least 30 minutes. Once this goal becomes a habit, it’s time to add another one, and so on and so forth. Exercise and good nutrition are key components in delaying or avoiding the side effects of Erectile Dysfunction. The more you invest in your personal health, the more you can enjoy the rewards of your healthy body.

Things you can do now to start improving your mental health;

Create a consistent workout routine.

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

Eat protein at each meal.

Drink ½ your weight in ounces of water each day.

Get consistent 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Incorporate meditation or other form of self care.

Make and keep wellness exams and appointments.

Visit Genesys Men’s Health for Your Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Needs

Now that we’ve told you about the myths about Erectile Dysfunction, you may be wondering how to treat it. Here at Genesys Men’s Health, we take priority in ensuring our care of all patients is specific and unique to their own needs. We understand that no two people are alike, and no two treatments are alike. We serve men of all ages and backgrounds. Our office is filled with friendly staff who are knowledgeable and can help answer all of your questions. If you have questions about the myths of Erectile Dysfunction, let us help you. Come visit us in our office located in Sandy, Utah, or give us a call at (801)-671-7456. Contact us today!

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